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Lichens of Laguna San Rafael, Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael , southern Chile: indicators of environmental change.
Fuente: J. Galloway.

A synopsis of lichens collected in 1990 from Laguna San Rafael, Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael , southern Chile, is presented, together with information on habitats where they are important components of the vegetation.

Nudibranchia from the remote southern Chilean Guamblin and Ipún islands (Chonos Archipelago; 44-45° S); with re-description of Rostanga pulchra MacFarland; 1905.
Fuente: M. Schrödl; J. H. Grau.

This study presents the first records of nudibranchs from remote islands of the Chonos archipelago exposed to the open Pacific.

Importance of water quality on plant abundance and diversity in high-alpine meadows of the Yerba Loca Natural Sanctuary at the Andes of north-central Chile.
Fuente: R. Ginocchio; J. Hepp; E. Bustamante; Y. Silva; L. M. De La Fuente; J. F. Casale; J. P. De La Harpe; P. Urrestarazu; V. Anic; G. Montenegro.

The study assessed the importance of surface water quality on plant abundance and diversity in high-alpine meadows at the Yerba Loca Natural Santuary.

Breeding distribution and abundance of seabirds on islands off northcentral Chile.
Fuente: A. Simeone; G. Luna-Jorquera; M. Bernal; S. Garthe; F. Sepúlveda; R. Villablanca; U. Ellenberg; M. Contreras; J. Muñoz; T. Muñoz.

Between 1999 and 2003 we collected information on the breeding distribution and abundance of 12 seabird species occurring on nine islands off the coasts of north and central Chile.

The vascular plant flora of the Bellotos del Melado. National Reserve, VII Región, Chile: A documented Checklist.
Fuente: M. Arroyo; O. Matthei; C. Marticorena; M. Muñoz; F. Pérez; A. M. Humaña.

The bellotos National reserve is documented based on intensive field exploration and the herborization and identification of > 800 plantcolections.

Reproductive biology of blacknecked Swans Cygnus. melancoryphus at three Chilean. wetland areas and feeding. ecology at Rio Cruces.
Fuente: R. P. Schlatter; J. Salazar; A. Villa; J. Meza.

Reproductive biology o f Black-necked Swans has been monitored at three sites in Chile, Laguna El Peral, Laguna Torca and Rio Cruces. The eight pairs at El Peral have produced 4.2 cygnets/pair in three seasons, but chick mortality has been 83 % due to territoriality and aggressive interactions.

Assesment of trace elements and mobility of arsenic and manganese in lagoon sediments of the salars of Huasco and coposa; chilean altiplano.
Fuente: V. Herrera; Ida de gregori; H. Pinochet.

The objective of this study was to obtain trustworthy analytical information about concentration levels in metals and metalloids of environmental interest found in lagoon sediments in both salars of Huasco and Coposa.

A vegetation map of Nevados de Chillan volcanic complex, Biobío Región, Chile.
Fuente: S. Pfanzelt; J. Grau; R. Rodríguez.

A vegetation survey of the Andean Nevados de Chillán volcanic complex, Bíobío Region, Chile, resulted in the preparation of a colour vegetation map, based on photo-interpretation of an aerial photograph of 1998.

Distribución patterns of flora and fauna in southern Chilean Coastal rain forests: Integrating Natural History and GIS.
Fuente: C. Smith-Ramírez; I. Díaz; P. Pliscoff; C. Valdovinos; M. A. Méndez; J. Larraín; H. Samaniego.

Our study focused on the distribution of forest bryophytes; vascular plants; soil invertebrates; amphibians and birds.

Nutrient limitation in Lago Chaiquenes (Parque Nacional . Alerce Andino, Chile): evidence from nutrient . enrichment experiments and physiological assays.
Fuente: G. S. Steinhart; G. E. Likens; D. Soto.

We used enrichment experiments in enclosures and physiological assays of nutrient deficiency to examine whether N or P or both control the growth of phytoplankton in Lago Chaiquenes.